Products Manufacturers
Access Doors Nailor, Semco
Air Blenders KEES
Air Curtains Ouellet, Mars
Airflow Station Air Monitor
Air Distribution Nailor
Air Measurement, Air Monitoring Air Monitor, Triatek
Air Handler – Custom Air Zone, Buffalo Air Handling, Thermal
Air Handler – Packaged Lennox, Paragon
Air Column Unit Air Zone
Air Rotation Unit Air Zone
Acoustic Duct Flexmaster USA, Semco
Acoustic Silencers VAW, SEMCO, Nailor
Acoustic Panels SEMCO
Attenuators, Sound VAW, SEMCO, Nailor
Baseboard – Electric, Commercial, Residential Ouellet
Belt Drive Fan Coils Thermal
Bar Grilles Nailor
BiPolar Ionization Aerisa
Bypass Yaskawa
Cabinet Heaters Ouellet
Ceiling Diffusers Nailor
Ceiling Fan Hunter Fans
Cleanroom Diffusers Nailor
Controls – VAV, Fan Powered Nailor, Specified Controls
Controls Fan Coil Unit Nailor
Controls – Misc. and Custom Specified Controls
Chilled Beams SEMCO
Coils – Water, DX, Steam Direct Coil
Constant Volume Regulator Nailor, Specified Controls
Condensing Unit Lennox
Critical Environment Diffusers Nailor
Custom Air Handler Air Zone, Buffalo Air Handling, Thermal
Ceiling Grid Distribution System Anemostat, Halton
Corrosion Resistant Duct FRP Solutions by Monoxivent
Car Park Fans Fläkt Woods
Configured VFD Yaskawa
Damper – Backdraft, Control, Volume Nailor
Dampers – Fire, Smoke Nailor
Damper Actuators Nailor
Damper – Grease Duct Halton
Damper Controls Specified Controls
Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Paragon, Thermoplus
Diffusers Nailor
Displacement Diffusers Nailor, Halton
DOAS Unit Paragon, Thermoplus
Duct – Fabric, Temporary Air Distribution Concepts
Duct – Outdoor EnduraDuct
Duct – Kitchen Dura Systems
Duct – Spiral, Oval, Double – Wall SEMCO
Duct – Manufactured SEMCO, Dura Systems, EnduraDuct
Duct – Fire Rated Dura Systems
Duct – Flexible Flexmaster USA
Duct – Underground, Corrosion Resistant FRP Solutions by Monoxivent
Duct Heater Nailor
Dust Collection Systems, Dust Removal Monoxivent
Duct – Acoustic Flexmaster USA, Semco
Diffusers – Operating Room Nailor
Direct Fired Make-Up Air Unit Bananza, Select Air Systems
Destratification Fan Hunter, Arius
Direct Drive Destratification Fan Hunter
Data Center Floor Diffusers Tate
Ecology Unit Halton
Electric Heat – Baseboard Ouellet
Electric Cable Ouellet
Electric Duct Heater Nailor, Neptronic
Electrostatic Precipitator Halton
Energy Recovery Ventilator Lennox
Energy Recovery Wheel SEMCO
Exhaust Fan Twin City Fan
Exhaust system – Vehicle, Welding Monoxivent
Fans – Roof, Utility, Inline, Backwad Inclined, Cenrifugal, Plug, Plenum Twin City Fan
Fans – Fiberglass Twin City Fan
Fans – Ceiling Twin City Fan
Fans  – Lab Exhaust Twin City Fan
Fans – Destratification Hunter, Arius
Filter Frame, Filter Rack Filtration Group, Nailor
Fabric Duct Air Distribution Concepts
Fan Coil Units Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Fan Controls Specified Controls
Fan Powered Boxes Nailor
Furnace, Commercial Lennox
Fan-Filter Module AJ Manufacturing, Nailor, Filtration Group
Filter Filtration Group
Filter Ceiling Module Nailor
Filter Grilles Nailor
Flexible Duct – Acoustic, Stainless Steel, Medical Grade, Triple Lock Flexmaster USA
FRP Duct – Single Wall, Double Wall FRP Solutions by Monoxivent
Fire Rated Duct Dura Systems
Fire Rated Diffusers Nailor
Fire Rated Panels SEMCO
Fan Coil – Vertical Hi-Rise, Horizontal, Low Profile, Under Sill Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Fan Coil Control and Piping Products Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Fluid Cooler Thermoplus
Fume Detection Brasch, Specified Controls
Fume Hood Triatek
Gas Detection Devices Brasch, Specified Controls
Gas Heaters Lennox, Reznor
Grilles, Registers, Diffusers Nailor
Gas Sensors Brasch, Specified Controls
Heaters, Electric, Baseboard, Cabinet, Unit Ouellet, Jaga
Heaters – Bathroom, Wall, Ouellet
Heat Cables / Heat Trace Ouellet
Hoods – Kitchen Halton, Select Air Systems
Hoods – Welding Monoxivent
Hoods – Exhaust, Intake, Gravity, Roof Twin City Fan
Horizontal Fan Coils Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Humidifiers STEAMOVAP
Hospital Grade Terminal Units Nailor
Hospital Rated Diffusers AJ Manufacturing, Nailor
Hospital Pressure Monitor Triatek
Hospital Pressure Control Triatek
Hose Reel Monoxivent
HV600 VFD Yaskawa
Heat Pump Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Iris Dampers CFM
Indirect Fired MUA Unit KEES
Kitchen Hoods Halton, Select Air Systems
Kitchen – Grease Duct Damper Halton
Kitchen Exhaust Duct Dura Systems
Louvers Nailor, Vent Products
Laminar Flow Diffusers Nailor
Laboratory Exhaust Duct Monoxivent FRP, Semco
Lab / Laboratory Pressure Monitor Triatek
Lab / Laboratory Pressure Control Triatek
Low Profile Fan Coil Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Linear Diffusers Nailor
Linear Slot Diffusers Nailor
Linear Bar Grilles Nailor
Light Troffer Diffusers Nailor
Make-Up Air Units Paragon, Select Air Systems
Mini Split Lennox
Mini VRF Lennox
Matrix Drive/VFD Yaskawa
Modular Panel SEMCO
Motor Controls Specified Controls
Motor Starters Specified Controls
Oval Duct SEMCO
Outdoor Duct EnduraDuct
Outdoor Air Monitoring Air Monitor
Pollution Control Unit Halton
Plastic Fans Plastec, Twin City
Packaged Rooftop Unit Lennox
Prefabricated Duct – Fire Rated, Kitchen Exhaust DuraSystems
Piping Package – Fan Coils Nailor / Engineered Comfort
Plenum Slot Diffusers Nailor
Panels – Acoustic, Thermal, Modular, Fire Rated, Industrial SEMCO
Parking Garage Fans Fläkt Woods
Registers Nailor
Radial Flow Diffusers Nailor
Roof Ventilator Twin City Fan
Rooftop Supports RTS – Rooftop Support Systems
Rooftop Unit (RTU) Lennox
Rooftop Accessories – Platforms, Stairs, Guardrail, Misc… RTS – Rooftop Support Systems
Room Pressure Monitor Triatek
Room Pressure Control Triatek
Sound Attenuators VAW, SEMCO
Silencers VAW, SEMCO
Security Grilles KEES
Spiral Duct SEMCO
Stainless Steel Grilles Nailor
Scrubber – Dry, Wet Halton
Specialty Controls Specified Controls
Terminal Units – VAV, Constant Volume, Hospital Grade Nailor
Thermal Airflow Station Air Monitor
Thermal Air Measurement Air Monitor
Thermostat Nailor, Specified Controls
Thermal Diffusers Specified Controls, Tuttle & Bailey
Thermal Panel SEMCO
Under Floor Diffusers Nailor
Under Floor Air Distribution Nailor, Tate
Underground Duct Monoxivent FRP
Unit Heaters Ouellet
Under Sill Fan Coils Nailor / Engineered Comfort
UV Disinfection UVDI
UV Coil Cleaning UVDI
UV Hood Halton
VFD Yaskawa
Variable Frequency Drive Yaskawa
Variable Speed Drive Yaskawa
VAV Box Nailor
VAV Diffusers Specified Controls, Tuttle & Bailey
Vehicle Exhaust Removal Monoxivent
Venturi Valve Triatek
Vertical Hi-Rise Fan Coil Nailor / Engineered Comfort
VRF Lennox
Vibration Isolators Twin City Fan
VRF – Indoor Units, Outdoor Units Lennox
VRF – Heat Pump, Heat Recovery Unit Lennox
VRF – Low Ambient Heat Pump, Low Ambient Heat Recovery Lennox
VRF – Ceiling Cassette, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount Lennox
VRF – Floor Mount, Ducted Ceiling Unit Lennox
Water Coils Direct Coil, Nailor, Tuttle & Bailey
Wall Exhaust Fan Twin City Fan
Wall Heater Ouellet, Jaga
Z1000 VFD Yaskawa