Air control and distribution products, VAV and fan powered terminal units, green building products, electric duct heaters, silencers and filter housings.

Complete line of commercial centrifugal and axial fans, blowers, ventilators, air moving equipment, and laboratory and fume exhausters.

Commercial Variable Frequency Drives specializing in IEEE 519 compliant technology.   

Air Distribution Concepts, designs and fabricates fabric air diffuser systems for a wide variety of building ventilation systems.

ELECTRO STATIC TECHNOLOGY, an ITW Company. Shaft Grounding Rings for motors to prevent bearing damage and failure.

Innovative and unique air distribution products including air nozzles, architectural grilles and drum louvers.

Accurate airflow measurement solutions for Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process and Power Generation applications.

Advanced IAQ products utilizing bipolar ionization technology to reduce airborne pollutants within the occupied space.  For both commercial and residential HVAC systems and in compliance with UL 2998.

Custom air handling units with an emphasis on green and sound sensitive solutions as well as air column units for underfloor systems.

Destratification fans deliver efficient air circulation to balance temperatures, solve comfort issues, increase productivity, and save on HVAC energy costs.

Stainless steel and specialty air distribution products including critical environment diffusers and fan filter units.

Control dampers and fire dampers.

Comprehensive line of cross flow, counter flow, forced draft, custom design and rental cooling tower solutions.

Security grilles, innovative architectural grilles and surgical ceiling distribution systems.

Indoor air quality filtration products for HVAC systems.

Direct fired air handlers for HVAC applications and paint booths.


Gas detection systems for building ventilation control.

Custom designed air handling systems with an emphasis on institutional, pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Modular air-cooled, modular water-cooled, & heat pump chillers.  Innovative free cooling & simultaneous heating/cooling chillers. Piping/schematic design and engineering support.

Iris dampers in stainless and galvanized steel construction for specialty and laboratory environments.

Engineered heat transfer products including AHRI certified heating and cooling coils, specialized coatings, fluid coolers, and air cooled condensers meeting a variety of applications. 

Comprehensive line of HVAC products including Water & Air-Cooled Chillers, Packaged RTUs, Water-Cooled DX & Heat Pump Units, Air Handling Units, & CRAC Units.

Designs and fabricates UL certified non-welded kitchen exhaust duct and fire rated panels and enclosure systems.

Manufacturer of cooling and heating equipment – Air-Cooled Chillers, Water-Cooled Chillers, Condensing Units, Packaged Units, Compressor Rack and Retrofit Kits, Adiabatic and Dry Coolers, Heat Exchangers, and Air Handlers.

Water tight, pre-insulated outdoor duct manufactured to SMACNA standards.

Hydronic fan coil units including energy efficient and quiet ECM (electronically commutated motor) technology for a variety of commercial applications.

Free-standing & exhaust fan stacks – manufactured from carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, fiberglass reinforced plastic, & specialty alloys.

Filters, filter frames, and housing for HVAC systems.

Commercial HVAC flexible duct and sheet-metal fitting manufacturer

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products are used in many industrial, water, wastewater, underground, industrial/commercial and HVAC applications where corrosion is a problem.

Offering a complete line of separator and separator packages for cooling towers

High quality kitchen demand control ventilation systems utilizing low volume capture hoods and wet and dry air scrubber systems.

The most lightweight and economical HVLS commercial fans available.

Architecturally designed & high efficient hydronic heating and cooling products comprised of built-in trench heating & cooling, freestanding radiators, and fan coil units.

High quality HVAC sheet metal products including architectural grilles, kitchen hoods, industrial hoods, air mixers, louvers and penthouses.

Manufacturer of HVAC Filter Housings including HEPA, carbon, Vee-Bank, flat and double flat filter housings.  Klean Aire also manufacturers custom filter housings.

High-efficiency packaged rooftop units, split systems, mini-splits, HVAC controls, furnaces and indoor air quality products for the light commercial industry.

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems designed for efficient performance in harsh climates.  A wide selection of components allows for flexible design and provides maximum building comfort.

MVP is a provider of general ventilation products and blowers that are typically unique and always of highest quality.  Many models include EC Motors for optimum speed control and energy efficiency.

Complete line of vehicle exhaust extraction systems, hose reels, overhead and underground exhaust systems, rail systems, source capture flex arms, portable filter units, and dust collectors.

Air control and distribution products, VAV and fan powered terminal units, green building products, electric duct heaters, silencers and filter housings.

Electric heating solutions focused on owners and end-users through attractively designed products and industry leading warranties.

Bathroom and inline fans, AC and EC motors, dryer booster fans, sensors,  accessories.

Dedicated Outdoor Air System offering energy savings and exceptional comfort and control.

Comprehensive line of high quality corrosion resistant polypropylene fans and blowers dedicated to the needs of the industry.

Make Up Air and Building Pressurization Units for commercial and industrial spaces.  Direct-fired with options for cooling coils and reheat coils.

Support solutions for roof mounted pipe, duct, and equipment, as well as access and safety solutions for system maintenance.


Local louvers and dampers for commercial and industrial type of construction involving the architectural and mechanical markets. 

                                                                                                                     Stainless steel exhaust hood systems including fire suppression, exhaust fans, control packages and direct fired make-up air units.

Round spiral and flat oval duct; Acoustical, thermal, and fire-rated modular panels; Acoustical silencers; Energy recovery wheel with 3 Angstrom dessicant option; Active and passive chilled beams; Pinnacle Series DOAS equipment.

Soler & Palau Ventilation Systems manufactures circulation fans for use in parking garages including jet fans and low profile models. 

Fan control systems using EC motors, zoning controls, and thermostats.

Electric resistive steam humidifiers and live steam humidifiers utilizing steam from a central steam boiler.

Data center air flow management utilizing specialty floor diffusers, containment systems, and accessories.

Active and passive harmonic filters for improved power quality, harmonic mitigation, enhanced motor protection and achieving IEEE-519 compliance.

(A division of Nailor Industries) – Full range of belt-driven fan coils and air handlers featuring EC motors, foam panels, and DX & hydronic coils.

Unique product line offering heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtration, and energy recovery solutions for commercial and industrial applications.   

Innovative airflow solutions for critical environments. Products include Venturi air valves, fume hoods, room pressure controllers, and fume hood controllers. 

Complete line of commercial centrifugal and axial fans, blowers, ventilators, air moving equipment, and laboratory and fume exhausters.

Louvers, dampers and architectural grilles including specialty products.

An industry leader in surface and air disinfection ultraviolet technology and gas phase filtration.

Engineered sound solutions and standard commercial silencers.

Premium quality, thermally-broken dampers and a complete line of commercial louvers.

Louvers and dampers including custom options manufactured in Chicago, IL.

Low profile induction and jet thrust fans for parking garage ventilation.  Axial fans for air comfort and life safety solutions in commercial buildings.  Parts and rework for legacy fans.

Commercial Variable Frequency Drives specializing in IEEE 519 compliant technology.