Hatchell and Associates has been named the Flexmaster USA Representative
for the Chicagoland, and Northwestern Indiana market.

Flexmaster USA  is a Union company and a leading commercial HVAC Flexible Duct and Sheet-Metal Fitting Manufacturer.
Their line of air distribution solutions includes: flexible duct, acoustical duct, sheet-metal fittings,
access doors, low leakage access doors and accessories.


Construction: Mechanically locked galvanized steel inner core maintains its shape at all 90 degree bends and offsets Glues and Adhesives attach spring steel wire to fabric
Value: Flex does not unravel or unwind when cut. Tthe fabric can only tear as far as the next helix Signifigant waste is created due to unwinding and unraveling
Pressure: Consistent positive pressure ratings, high negative pressure ratings Unable to match negative pressure ratings of Flexmaster
Warranty: 20 year Warranty No warranty from any other competitor will honor over 10 Years


Flexmaster Product Brochure (file size approx.3.5 MB)